Improving health outcomes for vulnerable women and girls in Latin America
Women’s health in Latin America is characterized by systemic inequality based on race, class, ethnicity and rurality, resulting in poor health outcomes for marginalized groups.
The region faces significant challenges, in particular for women, related to access to health services, human resources capacity, and adequate financing of health systems.
An increase in chronic non-communicable diseases has been observed, especially in women.
Latin America is the only region in the world where the number of pregnant girls under 15 years old increases yearly.
The negative health impacts of COVID-19, coupled with lower incomes and escalating domestic violence have exacerbated the situation for women and girls, who are experiencing a disproportionate decrease in health care accessibility for non-COVID related conditions.



Conduct a market analysis of the Women’s Health Ventures (WHV) in LATAM.


Provide technical assistance to move WHV toward investment readiness.


Evaluate and set the stage for financing allowing impactful WHV to grow and scale.



1 Sector Mapping in Latin America

Financial needs

Impact potential


2 Technical Assistance

Capacity building

Impact measurement

Financial readiness

3 Financing Opportunities

Address gaps

Innovative funding

Gender smart approach

Social Entrepreneurships

Sustainable products for menstrual and women's intimate health.
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High-quality, low-cost dental care.
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Comprehensive cancer treatment for women at an affordable price.
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Sustainable, accessible and affordable menstrual products
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Software to digitize health information and improve monitoring.
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Reproductive health facilities with a medical-educational model.
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Virtual mental health for victims of violence.
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Visión RB
Ophthalmological diagnostics and affordable eyeglasses for the vulnerable population of Yucatan.
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Fundación Medicina Familiar
Primary care services and surgical activities at low prices in Venezuela.
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Clínica de Papiloma
Accessible clinics for early diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.
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What we expect

Sector development

Useful research for stakeholders interested in collaborating to develop the sector of impact investing in women’s health.


Visibility and tailor-made technical assistance to improve their performance and increase their sustainability / social impact.


Feasibility analysis and design of an appropriate financial mechanism as a result of the lessons learned from a better understanding of the industry players, as well as the sector’s development needs.

If you are a social enterprise / NGO, focused on addressing a particular women’s health issue; or a health social enterprise / NGO interested in incorporating a gender component into your model and/or led by and targeting women

We are looking for you!




Rodrigo Villar
Founder of New Ventures

Rodrigo is Managing Partner and Founder of  New Ventures and Adobe Capital, the first impact investment fund in Mexico. He has been a key player the  development of the in  social entrepreneurship ecosystem  in Latin America. He holds an MBA from RMIT University in Australia.


Armando Laborde
Head of Acceleration

Armando is the Head of Acceleration and a Partner at New Ventures. He has been Director of  ProMujer México and Ashoka Latin America. Also, he was a pioneer in the microfinance sector in Mexico through Fincomún. He holds an MBA from IPADE.


Karla Gallardo
Chief Executive Officer VIWALA

Prior to Viwala, Karla
was Planning and Business Development Manager at BlueDrop, organization dedicated to transform the Mexican agroforestry industry. She was also a Private Equity Partner at Newgrowth Fund. Karla has an MBA in corporate strategy approach in developing countries, as well as a degree in Economics with a specialization in finance by the Universidad Panamericana.


Paulina Pérez
Project Manager

Paulina is Project Manager for Empodera 360º at New Ventures. In this role, she leads the alliance with partners and ventures. She holds a law degree from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM).


Graciela Suárez
Acceleration Manager

Grace is Acceleration Manager in the acceleration area at New Ventures. In this role, she oversees all acceleration programs and prospects for new opportunities. She holds adegree in International Relations  from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM).

Nadza Durakovic

Nadza Durakovic
Head of Innovative Finance at New Ventures

Nadza works to enable investors looking to deploy impact capital in Latin America through innovative financial mechanism design – as well as more tactical support in investment sourcing, due diligence, and management. Nadza has worked in the impact investment space for nearly a decade, with a focus on strategic consulting and investment product design in the U.S., Europe, and now Latin America.


Anna De La Cruz
Senior Advisor to Linked Foundation

Anna De La Cruz is a Seattle-based social impact consultant and Senior Advisor to Linked Foundation. She brings expertise in global health, microfinance and innovative market solutions as well as a gender lens to her work advising organizations on how to maximize their impact on the lives of the most vulnerable. Anna’s work is grounded in rigorous impact measurement, with deep experience evaluating international development programs in nonprofit and academic institutions. Anna holds a Master’s in Public Administration with a focus on International Policy from New York University, and a Bachelor’s degree with distinction in International Studies from the University of Washington.


Nora Quesada
International Consultant

Nora Quesada is an international consultant, with 30 years of experience in public health, working closely with governments, the NGO sector and social enterprises to strengthen their capacity in delivering health services to vulnerable populations in Latin America, Africa and Asia.


Nancy Swanson
Executive director of Linked Foundation

Nancy Swanson is a founding member and the executive director of Linked Foundation, a private foundation that invests in solutions that improve the health and economic self-reliance of women in Latin America and the United States.

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